we need to

we need to get this place active again im srry i havnt posted in forever but i have been extremly busy



well guys that meeting cant happen unless my computer starts to function properly because it will not load any xat.com chat boxes just giving you a heads up thanks and bye


attention all soldiers of FGR ALL there is a new chat called xat.com/fgrcongress now this is just for 3rd in command and up also for Military admins in HQ that is where the first meeting for my new idea will occur I would like everyone that is aloud on the chat to be there to vote and if i get it through the congress then we will hold a poll thank you P.S. Time is undecided because I have a Bascketball game saturday morning but maybe we can set something up for later saturday night o and also Godplayer you MUST BE THERE. Elitesof that means you to.


Ello soldiers

ello soldiers of the FGR HQ I am Knight521 Elites made me a Military Administrator so yeah I will be helping you guys and telling you what tactics to use during wars and stuff sometimes ok



Temporary Peace

The Nachos have agreed to a TEMPORARY CEASE FIRE. ALL TROOPS TO BE ON STANDBY. The MLK Day Ceasefire is affective until 8:00 AM, or until we can talk peace. Please leave the peace talks to me. Thanks, and BE ON FGR (xat.com/fgr) CHAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.


Nachos declared war on us.

Edit: Please visit http://www.cparmyalliance.wordpress.com if:

  1. You want to see who is helping FGR
  2. You want your army to help FGR

Alright Nachos have declared war on us for no reason and the one reason they do have is because we stole some punks lemon.Well only if they knew what I am capable of.AndFGR in total.And you know their rule of NO allies,well screw them because rules set up by an army like them arent anything to go by.So we will be having all of CPAA on our side not to mention IW.So lets bring it to them.


Hey Guys

Hey all. I’m Godplaya, and most of you don’t know me. I’ve never beein in FGR, though I’ve always appreciated the wrok they have done. I guess I’m an editor on here until Saturday, and I also think I’m Co-Leader. I’m gonna be working closley with Elite, so hope you enjoy my company!